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March 2018
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When we look at the difference between a professional and an amateur often the difference is stated as the ability to earn money.  This basically means that a professional anything will have the right or ability to charge money for the lessons he or she give whereas an amateur cannot. This is a very wishy washy explanation of what it truly means to be a professional as it only focuses on one very small and almost looked over element of being a professional.  The explanation gives us all

I often watch dancers from all over the world and from every different style. Ballet, jazz, tapp, contemporary, ballroom, street latin, Latin American, Argentine tango, lindy hop, breakdance and the list goes on and on. I really love watching the new innovation's and creation's that people come up with. I love watching the new ways they create to express themselves and their innermost feelings and thoughts. I can identify with most and I can sort of understand others as it gives me a sense of knowing and understanding

Being away from the competition dance floor for a while has given me the break I have so desperately desired but never dared to take. I always believed I was responsible for teaching, choreographing and coaching new people and young minds into what they wanted most. I would forsake my time during the week, teaching later and later into the night because there was one more lesson that wanted my knowledge. I would have no weekend because there were many people coming to the studio for a