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March 2018
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Paul Zaidman and Anna Selleck have come together to create their very own company, Dance House International. Paul and Anna will be teaching Ballroom, Latin American and Street Latin partner dancing to the public of Melbourne, bringing their expertise from years of experience on both land and sea. They both started their dance training at the tender age of five, both being educated in various styles of dance including Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tapp, Hip-Hop and Breakdance just to name a few.

Paul is no stranger to the limelight, being one of the professional coaches and dancers on channel 7’s television series, ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ partnering Kimberly Davis from the famous Australian drama series ‘Neighbours‘. Being such a successful coach, Paul has also  had the opportunities to trained other stars, such as Danni and Kylie Minogue. His success doesn’t end there, seeing him not so long ago placing Australia in 4th position at the 2014 Blackpool Dance Festival Championships.

Anna is an accomplished performer, coach and choreographer in her own right, having worked on Crystal Cruises, a six star cruise line for many years, Anna has taught, performed for and rubbed shoulders with some of the most successful and influencial people from around the world. Having over 10 year’s of classical ballet training under her belt, Anna now combines her knowledge with her now Latin and Ballroom training to give her students something unique in this industry.

Their combined teachings have a very real and physics based method to it, in such a way that it is better understood even by the ‘first time dancer’. Paul and Anna make this known by proving how much easier these methods work especially when compared to the bodies natural movement in every day tasks and excercises. They not only focus on the dance steps, routines and techniques of the art but more importantly they focus on the awareness and comprehension of a couples quality of movement across the floor no matter what dance they may be performing.

One of their real passions lie in helping their students find freedom within themselves and then creating new bonds between people, music and a new look on life. Please enjoy one of their adult group classes found around Melbourne and its surrounds, or if you’re looking for something a little more personal and taylored to you the individual or couple, you may want to try a few of their highly saught after  private lessons. Which ever experience you choose, you’re guaranteed a fun, exciting and quality dance class.