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You will laugh the entire time !!

 VICTORIA RUTLEDGE 18 / 01 / 2017 I recently had dance lessons with Paul and Anna. They were absolutely amazing. I have two left feet, no knees, rhythm or coordination. They were so patient, kind and FUN, they actually taught me how to dance without maiming my partner. They overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles (namely, me) to make me less self-conscious on the dance floor and I had so much fun learning. Honestly, if Paul and Anna can teach me to dance, they can teach anybody. They are so knowledgeable and have a way of explaining things so it’s easy to understand and execute. Plus, they are so funny, you will laugh the entire time. Thank you both for teaching me my mad dance skills and for all the joy and laughter you shared. You’re the best! 

Dance House International in Jerusalem.

 Paul & Anna are a class act! It's not only the steps they bring to the dance floor that captivates you, it's their heart and charisma!! From the first point of contact to the last class they brought nothing but professionalism and fun to our studio and to each individual. As dancers and teachers they are clearly par none. Their range of dance knowledge is unprecedented and the bonus is their ability to work with both professionals and any level of social dancer. They clearly and precisely communicate information, all while creating a fun and engaging experience. Should you have the opportunity to take a private lesson you have just tripled the jackpot! They clearly love what they do and it will change your dancing and possibly even parts of your life. Would I recommend hiring or dancing with Paul & Anna? Hell yeah! Don't miss the chance!! Still not sure? Message us on Facebook and I will happily tell you more. 😊 Super satisfied Teacher, Dancer, Studio Manager Lisa 'Mati' Arya 

You two are fun.

 Sandra and I had such an amazing time getting to know Paul and Anna through their dance classes, that we just wanted to take them home to Texas with us. This dynamic couple seems to want to change the world with their dancing and they look like their on the right path to do it. They have a really  easy method of teaching their lessons with fun approach. Paul is a bit of a joker and it\'s kinda funny to see Anna\'s face when she roll\'s her eyes at his lame jokes. Paul and Anna we\'re both looking forward seeing you again somewhere  around the world. Best wishes Sandra and Bill , Texas, USA. 

Quality of our Dance Lessons

 Paul and Anna, We would greatly appreciate it if you would use our words to let others know of your fine quality dance lessons. We had a great time, and wish we could have had more time on the dance floor with you and all of the others. In addition, upon filling out the post-cruise evaluation, you and Anna were given high marks by me for your efforts. Keep up the great work, and we'll stay in touch! Take Care, John F, McHenry